Dear 2021, I Hope You Like Challenges

I implore you to come in, have a seat, and don’t touch anything because everyone is still reeling from 2020. Do forgive my rudeness, but this last year has been a wealth of… experience, to say the least and you have a lot of catching up to do. There was a pandemic that has us separated from loved ones and has caused the deaths of millions across the world. The economy is pretty shot and don’t even get me started on the election! Though many have complaints about the majority of 2020s experiences, I, however, have a list of joy. It was a year in which I’d moved, once again, across state lines into unfamiliar territory and once again I was surprised with love. Only this time it wasn’t just familial. It wasn’t just romantic. It was intrinsic. I love myself in more ways than I can count now and I wouldn’t have had the time to see it all- how truly far I’ve come- if it weren’t for 2020. So thank you, 2020 for halting my life along with the lives of others. I’m witnessing a world wide awakening to love in all its forms and an awareness of self and others in ways that I’ve only read about in books. Others may curse you, but I thank you. Thank you for the pivotal moments that caused my mother and I to relocate. Twice. Those movs have reconnected me to nature and creativity. Thank you for the shelter in place mandates that allowed me to sit quietly and enjoy the night sky. Even the Earth utters it’s thanks for the reprieve you’ve given it. I don’t feel that I have the vocabulary vast enough to describe my gratitude, but I do have gratitude, and in this day and new age, I believe it’s truly necessary.

To those reading this letter, I ask that you extend gratitude to yourself and others in this New Year. Extend gratitude to the people and things that serve you. While you clean and declutter thank the clothes on your back for clothing you, greet your home and thank it for sheltering you. Those of you who are familiar with the KonMari method will understand this. I thank my phone bill when I pay it because my phone serves me. It is a service I need for communicating and marketing for business via social media. This practice of thanking one’s possessions may seem like an odd task and some may think it to be an act of valuing possessions over people, but it’s not. Expressing gratitude in all things can be a useful practice in everyone’s life because it is a higher expression of love in a time where fear is so prevalent. I have learned to choose love in all situations. Sometimes love is tough and needs to be protected, while other times it calls for a softness that is to be shared. This is a lesson that I will carry into this new time in 2021. 2020, though you were much like an ex I’d never hope to see again, if I could say one last parting thing to you, it would be ‘Farewell and thank you for pushing me to be the woman I am today: healthy, healing, and well on my way to wholeness.’ Hello 2021, and so long 2020, it’s been real.

With love,

Sarai W.

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