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Karma Compass is an exploration of how we can stay well, heal one another and ourselves, and find repositories of strength and love in one another. Most everything you will find on this blog is something I’ve tried firsthand, or someone who I know and love has, and  which has proven successful in healing some malady of the body, mind or spirit.

Aria Zavocki

An eccentric free-thinker that revels in artistic self expression through written form and has been scribbling thoughts down for all of her life. She has a BA in Psychology and Philosophy and worked with sexual assault survivors, activists, and general badasses.

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Will Preston

Will Preston is a writer, novelist, author, and teacher with a focus on social, political, and economic factors affecting society. He earned an MFA in writing and has worked in the educational field for 16 years.

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Taylor Duckett

Taylor D. Duckett is a doctoral student in African American Studies with a research focus on African spiritual systems. She is an author, spoken word artist, and the Founder/Creative Director of Conviction 2 Change Publishing.

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Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman

KarmaCompass Founder Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman, MFA, is a writer/agitator, activist and educator, using her voice to advocate for social-justice reform.

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Featured Image: “Meditation on Joy” by Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman