Oh, For the Love of Real Estate!

Yes, I’m being cute with my title, but yeah, what’s not to love? Home ownership is one of the most satisfying experiences in the life of an adult. I speak from experience. It’s a personal investment that is also a home–a sacred space that we nurture with our labors and fill with our heart’s delights, especially our families, friends and pets. Can’t you just smell the dinner cooking?

This Sylmar, CA home features a ADU and a large shared backyard. You can see someone’s dream in action by just looking at the tree. I can imagine a swing there and children gathering to play in the shade will the parents cook the meal. Paradise!

It makes sense that some people never want to leave their home, even as they age into the echelons of perfection–they want to die in place in the comfort of the familiar. That’s a gift we can actually give ourselves if we want it. Our houses age with us, and even need major overhauls just like any corporal form. It’s not that we buy it and never attend to the arteries, circuitry and systems that make a home function optimally. We invest time, energy and money into our homes over the years, and we’re repaid for our diligence if we can weather the storms of life. There are no guarantees, as with anything in life, yet, homeownership has benefits that most will experience if they prioritize their investment.

Young Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had many dreams for our society and the people within our nation. Among his dreams was the goal of economic prosperity for African Americans and people of color. Home ownership is one way to realize his for us.

A house is not just a quirky building with all the limitation of a person’s imagination and the capacity to render. We poke and investigate the structure, the foundation. We check the roof and examine the windows. We breathe in the air to see if we can find a place for ourselves. Looking high and low from beneath and overhead, we value the soundness against our desire for proximity to schools, markets and places we treasure. And, we conjure numbers and placements, and, we even count lights in the dark of night to ascertain the safety of the habitation. It all starts with a foundation, undeniably attached to the land, and ends with a family, residing within. That is a house that we make into a home.

Edissa Nicolas-Huntsman is a realtor who works with buyers and sellers to simplify the home-ownership process in today’s complex market place. Make your dream a reality. Whether you’re ready or need help getting started, you have an Auntie in Real Estate!


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