Welcome to Karma Compass, the totally unexpected and serendipitous outcome of my journey to find the center of our collective “inner home.” On my way to healing from a series of progressive and prolonged illnesses caused by working in a very toxic and traumatic work environment, I found a new dimension in my voice. I now find myself pursuing a life-long calling toward the healing arts with the written word as the primary vehicle for transformation. Karma Compass is the direct result of the divine intervention working in my life. Thank God for Inspiration!

What is the process?

The process is getting right with ourselves so that we can feel and be right in the world. It is that simple; that self-affirming. So many women, in particular, have been talking to me about their journeys, some asking for help, others sharing their wisdom, usually a balance of both. Often there has been long-suffering, pain and untended damage of physical, psychological or emotional manifestations present in our lives. I’m only just beginning to understand the ancestral trauma transmitted to us. These wounds need attention, and they cannot wait another year, another month or another week.

We need wellness, and we need it now. Health is a precondition for wealth, which means the ability to thrive and belong to ourselves.

Karma Compass is an exploration of how we can stay well, heal one another and ourselves, and find repositories of strength and love in one another. Most everything you will find on this blog is something I’ve tried firsthand, or someone who I know and love has, and  which has proven successful in healing some malady of the body, mind or spirit. Though the name may seem distant or foreign to some, I believe we all have our Karma to answer to, regardless to our faiths, our ages or our ethnicity. You will find healing from the Yoruba, Christian, Curandera, Jewish, Santeria, Psychotherapy, Chinese, Buddhist, Shamanism and the common home-kitchen, here—in short, if it works, we will discuss it.

This is an exploration of our spirituality and an affirmation of our identities as whole people who want to be happy, body, mind and spirit. We deserve to thrive. Let us begin!

Who is Edissa?

I am a reliable witness to my own life.

I hold a degree in Education from Brown University and an MFA in Creative Writing from Mills College. I was born on a small island in the Caribbean and raised poor by hard-handed, fast-talking Latina women in New York City. I now look for ways toFullSizeRender heal myself daily and to reconnect with a society that insists that I do not belong here. I am working on my Oakland-San Francisco-California dream reality: I call it life. My identity, education and my countless experiences with enactments of violence and racism (internalized, institutional and personal) have birthed the vision of Living Artist Project, a co-created, inclusive and non-competitive space, where we all can thrive by igniting and supporting each other’s passions, creativity, and art by communicating with compassion and love.

This is personal.

Please, join me.

With great love and respect,


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