Dream, Plan, Buy and Sell Your Way into Homeownership!

The last couple of years have played fast and furious with most of our finances across the spectrum. Big losses and bigger gains mean that the divide is visible to the naked eye. The fluctuation in markets from stocks to bonds to housing has some scrabbling to make changes on a daily basis. Such conditions don’t give us time to contemplate a solid direction for our financial goals. Still, now, as in the past, homeownership is game changer that can set us on a positive trajectory of well-being and financial security. Some people ask, “Where do I start?” My answer is always, “Start with a dream.”

Dreaming costs nothing. And, it’s the foundation of our aspirations. We need only awaken to our heart’s desires and name them. When we give ourselves the luxury of this seemingly passive undertaking, we plant the seeds for our future. But in reality, dreaming is anything but passive. It is real work, requiring a clear mind, calm body and a firm foundation from which to envision something we want before we have it. Some of us need permission to dream. Some of want support or guidance. That’s where my help as a Realtor® can help. I know how to paint a lasting mental picture, that ends with a key turning in a lock. So today, go ahead and dream a little about the details of your future life. You’re worth it.

Whether we are dreaming, planning, buying or selling, we can go alone, or we can go together and go further than we ever imagined.

Ask Edissa about buying or renting this beautiful, fully-renovated and move-in ready Boulder-area, Colorado four-bedroom house.

Once we’ve articulated our dreams and spoken them aloud to friends and family, it is time for the next step: Engaging a trusted realtor, who can guide us through the work of planning. Planning takes many forms: Saving, budgeting, market research, taking financial inventory and setting goals, to name a few steps. A good realtor acts as an advisor to position us for success. For example, I help with planning, finding financing, making offers and touring properties, all the while proactively navigating through the complex processes of homeownership with my clients. With a good plan, decisions and choices for how to use resources, time and energy wisely are focused on our desired outcome rather than reacting to external forces that may not align with our goals. In other words, it gets pretty easy to prioritize around our dreams and plans. It really is that simple.

Finally, before long, you’ll be ready to make your first investment in the land we hold dear and sacred. This is an especially important moment to ally ourselves with a competent agent, who knows her business, reads the contract and advocates for the client’s interest at every turn. Guided by integrity and the client’s interest, I streamline the home-buying process. A great agent understands that “time is of the essense” to a prospective buyer or seller, and that the written word is how a real estate is transacted. Providing up-to-date market analysis and guidance give invaluable support with important steps like inspections and opening escrow safely. These are all parts professional support, working hard on our behalf to secure your dream. Then, we can enjoy years living in our home until it’s time for a new dream, and the cycle begins again.

Joyfully, the homeownership process concludes when we cash in our home equity. A wise investment will give us firm footing as we age. Repurposing equity is a beautiful time that allows us to scale up or down our home to accommodate the needs of our family, life changes and new goals. We position ourselves to use our financial reserves to finance our retirement dreams. For this step in the homeownership process, we rely on our equity to support our next steps while we depend on a professional to navigate the complexities of our times and the real-estate market with transparency. Contact me to get started today!

Homeownership starts with your Dream.

Edissa has bought and sold homes in San Francisco, SoCal and Colorado. Put her experience, guidance and market savvy to work for you. Dream, Plan, Buy and Sell with your Auntie in the business!

Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman

Realtor® DRE #02189600

Dilbeck Real Estate




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