Rescued Fur Babies

My pets growing up were gold fish and a parrot. These where simple pets for us kids to have because both Mom and Dad worked plus we lived in Brooklyn where between the cold winters and the hot summers – we knew not one of us could be trusted to remember to walk, feed, clean littler box, etc. pretty much keep an animal alive and thriving.

However later in life it was so natural for me to take on the role of caretaker and “Mom” to my beloved doggie companion of twelve years. I even had my Mom ask about her “grand dog” when we spoke on the phone. Being able to connect and care for animals is truly a wonderful gift.

When we had the opportunity to relocate abroad to Central America, we packed up our four dogs without knowing that our hearts would be pushed to the edge of compassion. We where impressed by the number of households who had multiple pets they rescued off the streets along with many others families providing some sort of food for those living out on the streets. Soon we would open our hearts and homes to multiple animals who where in danger. Here is an introduction to furry friends we have rescued along our journey.


Meet Bunny, mother unknown. She had a growth on her side and was attacked by an adult dog and found refuge with a group of young mothers who had five-to-seven pups each of their own. We rescued Bunny and showered her with lots of love and care for her time with us. Together with our Panamanian neighbor we made sure the other mamas and pups where fed.

Queenie, A true Netflix buddy, was left in a box in front of a restaurant. We fostered her with lots of love and care. Unfortunately Queenie passed away. This happens often especially when the health of the mother is unknown.

We rescued three pups whose mother just died. Within a few days two passed. This is the most difficult part of this journey. Knowing we made them comfortable and showered them with love makes the ache a bit less. Mr. Sammy Davis is part of our pack! And I realized I will need to share his teenage photos another time!

Learn more about how you can help with our work to save animals from harm.



  1. Your big hearts shine through the love your shower on precious 4 legged beings- a blessing to all that come in contact with you for sure. Thank you for sharing your work!

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