Living Artist Project Submission Guidelines

Goddess Rhiannon by Luna Hosepians

And we must constantly encourage ourselves and each other to attempt the heretical actions that our dreams imply, and so many of our old ideas disparage.

~ Audre Lorde


Living Artist Project is a collaboration of and for living artists of all kinds. Showcase your original art: paintings, photography, poetry, sculpture, refinishing, design, memoir and/or essays on Karma Compass and connect with other artists while you get exposure to a larger community of creatives and participate in a living venue based on our collective passion.

Living Artist Project Mission Statement

Living Artist Project fosters community, visibility and diversity by affirming living artists, their work and voices in the world. As part of Karma Compass’s intention to hold loving community as a critical responsibility, we recognize that all artists are in regular conversation with society, history and genealogy and that all artists deserve to thrive. To actualize these beliefs, Living Artist Project sponsors, promotes, nurtures and connects artists from diverse cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, abilities, education levels and genders to participate in a progressive vision of artistic collaboration, focused on enriching society, expanding perspectives and generating cooperation in public spaces around the arts,culture and health.

zaylie splash1
Zaylie Splash by Daniel Orr IG:@danielorrart//

Submission Guidelines for Living Artist Project

  1. Familiarize yourself with Karma Compass content and themes at
  2. Take good, high-quality photos of your art. Editing is desirable. Email to
  3. Send 1-to-3 typed and edited submissions for review to
  4. Karma Compass will pay you $25 for published essays or a set of images used on our site.

I reserve the right to edit and/or trim your submissions to Karma Compass, and I will contact you to discuss any possible changes, first. Long posts will possibly be split into two installments. Include a phone number and a good time to reach you if you want to be contacted live about your submission. Original work is best, so if you borrow any ideas and materials from other people or sites, give the source proper and due credit by including any appropriate names and/or URLs. Thank you in advance for this courtesy and consideration. Lastly, please review the Inspiration page to be sure that your submission matches the Karma Compass magazine themes. Join our growing community of artists. I look forward to your ideas, stories and essays.

Warmest regards,

Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman

Creative Director

Harriet Tubman by Eddie H. Ahn IG:@ehacomics
La Tempesta by Cristiana Briscese