Gleaning Wisdom Book Club

Gleaning Wisdom Book Club: June 23rd

Join our facilitated book club featuring Crazy Brave: A Memoir by Joy Harjo, of the Muscogee Creek Nation, Poet Laureate of the United States in 2019. This is our offering for Karma Compass’ first book club.

Tilden Park KKK Rally

In Scrutiny of White Lives Matters Rallies

KKK members in full regalia marching down a major Boulevard in Oakland, California just couldn’t be real. Like, lynching, such tactics are powerful weapons of subjugation, successfully imparting methodology and ideology across all sectors of society. And yet, there’s plenty of printed evidence available.

The Most Important Reason to Say, “Thank you!”

We have to respond to one another if we want a good relationship. Without acknowledgment and reciprocity, the energies of love and kindness dissipate. Reinforcement strengthens connection.

Why to Keep your Foot on the Political Pedal

And yet a small minority of big spenders controls public policy, riparian rights, access to vaccines, the prison-industrial complex and reproductive rights, and at least in two branches of our government, the Senate and the Supreme Court, not one of those people looks like me, or has much interest in my welfare.