Pretty Things

Spring into Summer! ENH Must-Have List: Get Yours Now

This ENH Must-Have List includes the many little treasures that have gotten me through the 2020 pandemic with grace, style and beauty–elements that enhance health and well-being and allow us to thrive.

Tilden Park KKK Rally

In Scrutiny of White Lives Matters Rallies

KKK members in full regalia marching down a major Boulevard in Oakland, California just couldn’t be real. Like, lynching, such tactics are powerful weapons of subjugation, successfully imparting methodology and ideology across all sectors of society. And yet, there’s plenty of printed evidence available.

Level Up on Self-Care with Intentionality

I show up on virtual platforms as a gift of my presence to my community. By showing up for quality contact that demonstrates lovingkindness, good will and generosity of spirit, I help make sure that many isolated people in my community can thrive.