Peace Is Up to Us! Unlearning Oppression, Lesson 22

Violence is not passive, and neither is peace. In order to manifest peace, each of us must make a commitment to do something that brings about peace. Peace is bigger than personal comfort. What is required is deliberate, intentional action and or training.

The human mind can create conflict. It can also create peace. To find peace in the world we must find peace in ourselves.

Jack Kornfield
Do you have what it takes to end the violence plaguing our society?

The moment we give rise to the desire for all beings to be happy and at peace, the energy of love arises in our mind.

Master Teacher Thich Nhat Hanh

Lesson 22: Find a peace action you can take with your family, friends, social and/or faith groups. (There are a few suggestions below.)

And self-empowerment is the most deeply political work there is, and the most difficult.

Audre Lorde



  1. hi edissa! i’ve very much appreciated receiving your blog and now this one in particular! thank you!

    sending you blessings at this season, hoping you are well??

    with love, lyn

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Yes. I want to break open the heart of the world. I’m exhausted from witnessing the casual violence and unkindnesses of our ordinary lives. I long for civility, hospitality, kindness and/or courteous respect when there is no love. Can we stop the bleeding and the cutting? I long for peace.
      Blessings and love to you, too, dear sister Lyn.


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