Cats! Dogs! Humans? The Great Vaccine Conundrum

Why do rational adults take their cats and dogs to the vet to vaccines and yet fail to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Of course we can borrow from and build upon prior knowledge of viruses, including the typical virus vaccines used to treat one of America’s favorites pets, the domesticated feline.

Art of Impermanence: Designing Within an Ecosystem 

I have been foraging several things on my walks, in way that feels sustainable to me. It is important to me to leave a very minimal footprint on this land. While I will be modifying the landscape, it is my intention to only make changes that would be reintegrated and erased by nature in accordance with natural, seasonal, cycles. 


We live in a culture that worships work, hard work, endless work.  We pride ourselves on our work, on working … More

From Despair, a Gift

In my late 40’s I suffered a major depression.  That fall into despair was very frightening.  I was unable to … More