Tsi-ga-mo-gi Tribe Elder Steve Yapuncich’s Prayer

Sweet Grass is used to smudge one’s self, home, vehicle, both for protection and in getting ready to pray. Also, we smudge off when coming out of medical appointments or hospitals to get off all the negative we walked thru. When praying, it’s best to use what you have in your heart.

Photo by shvedov_xubun on Pexels.com

Creator, It is You who is adored and loved by me. Awwosh be a lay a sheesh chaaz, biik. I stand before you, letting you know that without you I am nothing. You are the One who fills me with many good things. A’hoo for Mother Earth and let all that’s no good pass beyond each of us without exception…all diseases, violence, bad luck, prejudice. Fill me with Your Gifts and let them flow through me without me blocking them from fear, low self-esteem, opinions of others. I live to serve You and Your people. I have needs that You know about–health, mental, emotional, spiritual, family, financial. I rely on You and those whom You send to take care of these needs. Establish a good work upon me. Let me share the abundance You give me freely. Bless me and those for whom I pray with the same blessings I seek from You. For my errors, forgive me; remember the intercession of Blood by Your Son, with a language it is not lawful for a man to speak but for us to hear and obey is lawful by Your Spirit. A’hoo, Ack Bat Ta Deeah. A’hoo.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

We usually if possible pray facing the place where the sun rises. That reminds us that we want to always face where the Lord is so that His Light will hit us full in the face and then in the heart as soon as possible. When we are done, we turn to our right in a full circle before walking away. The Eagle, the Crow, and the Magpie are something to us.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Native American Steve Yapuncich is a Tsi-ga-mo-gi Tribe Elder and legal advocate. He lives in Montana with four generations under his roof. He hunts to provide food for his extended family in the traditional manner. We are grateful for his activism and teachings.



    1. Indeed, Papa Steve is an inspiration. Hopefully, with his help, we can build a bridge to peace for all of our communities in this great nation, now in crisis. Our prayers matter.

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