Rescued Fur Babies (Part 2): Curving the Number of Street Animals

How could we ease the suffering of the street animals for a sustainable long term solution? If we could reduce the number of animals having unwanted litters, we can ease the suffering. Then we looked to other models within the country and found our solution with Amigos de Animales. Their mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats and to promote the general welfare of animals in the community and surrounding areas.

photo credit : Larry White
photo credit : Kim Mendoza

Amigos de Animales was started in 2005 as a direct response to a need in the highland community of Boquete. At the time, there were packs of street dogs and feral cats roaming the streets and there was no access to, or information about, sterilization for these animals. Working with a team of local vets, volunteers, and catch and release individuals and organizations they have sterilized over 19,000 since 2005.

photo credit : Larry White

On Jan 12, 2019 and June 23, 2019 we partnered with the Amigos to hold our own low-cost sterilization clinic at the gymnasium in our small beach town. We offered sterilization services ranging from $12 to $25. With the assistance of 4 veterinary doctors, 20 student from our local high school, and the Amigo de Animales volunteer team, we where able to sterilize 112 animals on Jan 12th and then another 100 on Jan 26th. Many of these animals belonged to families and others where street animals who formed bonds of trust with the human who fed them. Due to the 2020 pandemic we where not able to go ahead with our planned clinics.

We invite you to jump on this journey with us!

We are only a drop in a huge ocean of love. We all have that one issue that we stand behind and support with our time and resources. If you want to help us alleviate the distress in the lives of animals as well as their owners please consider donating to the Amigos de Animales via the Amazon Smile Program where everyday purchases can support their works if purchased through the SMILE program.

Here is how:
1. Visit
2. Sign in with your credentials
3. Search for: Amigos de Animales, Inc.  Ft. Myers, FL
4. Select it as your charity
5. Start shopping! – remember that you always have to go to to donate. And if you want to donate towards paying the sterilization cost for animals we take to the clinic, leave a note saying “For our friends in Puerto Armuelles”.

photo credit : Larry White

Please help the Amigos to help us. Amigos are people helping people who LOVE animals.

Are you interested in more of our animal rescue adventures? Do you have any rescue/pets advise you would like to share? Do you have your own rescue stories? Please share in the comment section.

photo credits : Kim Mendoza



  1. You’re doing such loving and important work, Dovanna!! What’s the purpose of life? To care for life! Amigos de Animales is doing it!! đź’—

      1. Congratulations on doing a fantastic work Dovanna. Thank you for caring ❤

  2. These are wonderful pictures and great story about this service to our community. I love how the entire community works together to make a big difference in how we live. You can feel the connection.

  3. Gracias Edissa! It really encourages my faith in humanity when we work together for these fur babes.

  4. We have a similar problem with feral cats here on the Big Island- in particular they threaten our native bird population. Advocats is one of my favorite local groups (catch, spay/neuter, release programs) here doing the good work. I’m glad you found a group to partner with to make a difference there in your community! So necessary!

  5. Dovanna,
    Absolutely amazing work and dedication! Your love always shines! 🤩❤
    And great pics Kimmy!

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