Home Is Where the Vet Is! Veteran’s Day Love from Our Homeownership Series

Even in today’s market, a ready veteran home buyer with a great realtor, can be in their new home by Christmas!

Happy Veteran’s Day to all the men and women who serve and served in our U.S. National Armed Forces. Part of the sacrifice that many veterans are willing to make on our behalf is financial. While they stand ready to defend our interest at home and abroad, they also commit to unpredictable relocation orders and are paid what we’d consider to be nominal wages. Basically, our veterans work for cheap with little stability for their years in service. Many veterans are young and home-buying benefits may not seem important yet, but they can help keep a soldier anchored if their family is grounded. A home can make that possible. It gives actively serving personnel a place to go during breaks at end of service. They can also begin to accrue equity while still actively serving. This benefit can, over time, correct the economic insecurity caused by the salaries during the early service period for enlisted workforce, non-commissioned and commissioned officers.

Join us for open house Sun. Nov. 13 at this pristine beauty in Saugus, CA.

Operation Keys for Heroes is just one of the benefits of working with a Dilbeck Realtor®.

Some real estate companies, like Dilbeck Real Estate, provide boutique wraparound services that boost benefits to preregistered and qualifying veteran clients. It’s Dilbeck’s way of showing how much we appreciate the services of our dedicated military personnel. We have two programs at Dilbeck to support veterans: The first is our yearly company-wide donation drive to raise provisions and ship them to active service personnel. Resources from Operation Care for Our Heroes range from basic travel supplies to new socks for deployed troops and is the clear baby of our own beloved veteran leader and trainer Juan Carlos Argueta. This effort brings us together as allies in our communities to honor vets. It’s a small part of our commitment to serve with integrity those whose service benefits us.

The second way we serve our community and veterans, specifically, is our own in-house veteran’s program for qualifying active-service members and honorably discharged vets through Operation Keys for Heroes. If you qualify for VA Loans, you may also qualify for Dilbeck benefits. This program includes our standard excellent-quality care, our extended full-service escrow support team of top-tier partners and a slate of matching rebates for qualifying applicants. When combined with our market savvy and professionalism, any veteran will experience the unconditional positive regard and respect they deserve. It also makes an easier and pleasant way to buy a house. We keep the joy in the homeownership processes. As public fiduciaries, we look to serve veterans with the upmost standard of care and excellence, as befitting our clients. These programs are just to ways we have show are gratitude for commitment of our vets to serve our nation with integrity. “Thank you, and happy Veteran’s Day!”

Did you know VA benefits include no-money-down loans and generous loan limits of upwards of $600,000 in some areas of California?


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