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Spring into Summer! ENH Must-Have List: Get Yours Now

This ENH Must-Have List includes the many little treasures that have gotten me through the 2020 pandemic with grace, style and beauty–elements that enhance health and well-being and allow us to thrive.

Affluent Suburban Neighborhood

Environmental Racism Is Real

Environmental racism exists around the world.  Environmental racism is local.  It’s subtle. This may be because we’re all so much a part of it that we don’t recognize it.

Couple discussing at home

Informed Consent: A New Love Language for Unlearning Oppression

I began to see that many interpersonal situations where informed consent would be incredibly important and could lead to either rich and fulfilling interactions or vast pitfalls in unfulfilled expectations, misunderstandings, or, at worst, an experience of betrayal or abuse. Asking for informed consent has become an intentional personal practice.