Spring into Summer! ENH Must-Have List: Get Yours Now

Pretty Things

Transforming your physical spaces with a little work of art can improve not only your physical space, but your emotional and mental energies as well. Just because we’re staying home, doesn’t mean feeling stuck. Rather than languish, it’s important to give attention to our physical spaces and moods. During Covid-19 that’s more important than ever, and, it’s something that we can typically control. That’s why this installment of ENH Must-Have List includes the many little treasures that have gotten me through the 2020-21 pandemic with grace, style and beauty–elements that enhance health and well-being and allow us to thrive.

Improve Your Atmosphere

Arguably the simplest way to boost the room’s energy is with a beautiful candle. It helps turn the page on a difficult day and acts as a portal to the rituals that enhance our creativity. I use L’or de Seraphine’s lovely treasures on my altar, in the bathroom and for my Reiki blessings. L’or de Seraphine’s candles have the perfect something-for-everyone, at-home aesthetics and mood-lifting selection. As far as scents, these candles are very soothing, not at all perfumy or overpowering from my experience with more than four different fragrances so far. Plus, for a special bonus, the lovely lidded canister is reusable! Drop in a beeswax candle or store trinkets after the candle is spent. 

Affordable and luxurious, L’or de Seraphine candles have designs for every personality and style.

The best Aromatherapy diffuser and glow ball for the look and price are the COOSA selection available on Amazon. Light and scent therapy can work to elevate your mood and create an inviting atmosphere in a room. I have a diffuser in every room, and these are by far the nicest stream of vapors with the largest capacity. With solid, beautiful designs that capture the imagination. Use your diffuser with Now Essential Oil collections–one the best oils on the market with their proven consistent quality and expansive line of blended and pure essential oils. Now offers vibrant, high-quality plant essences in an all-purpose ten-pack for a great price to go with your new diffuser.

A nice diffuser with aromatherapy oils makes a lovely gift for any occasion where flowers would do the job.

Skin-Care Hero

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen is sheer sunblock for work and play.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen doesn’t quit, run, sting or show.

Most of us can’t go far without this kind of protective barrier: Sunblock that actually works, stays put out of your eyes and is invisible. You gotta have this. With or without makeup, over or under foundation, before and during a long day, Supergoop manages to do the job without causing the typical problems. Find it the big size for a nice price at Sephora or Nordstrom’s. Put this on hands and arms before a drive, and it lasts and protects with the same invisible integrity as on your face. Big winner after years of trying many brands.

Baubles and Barettes

I’m into gold these days. That is to say, “Bling.” I found this lovely assortment of hair accoutrements from Madewell. Their hair barrettes are like wearing jewelry in your hair. Your friends will notice them. Children compliment you; you’ll feel glamorous! Don’t hesitate to acquire these tiny ornaments for every wisp of hair. What’s more, thick hair like mine is held up with stunning precision. These could only be more precious in 24K gold.

One-of-a-kind Reiki talisman and desk weight for dad protects and inspires.

This powerful protective talisman is blessed with all five Master-level Reiki symbols. Designed with a solid brass bull sculpture, antique Spanish crystal and a Turkish glass evil-eye amulet to protect money, investments and the home office. Can be adapted or expanded with additional symbols. Design inspired by Feng Shui principles and perfect for a Father’s Day. Available for purchase on Etsy.



  1. Great post! I bought one of the L’or de Seraphine candles for my Bonus mom for Mother’s day and she loved it. The clips are calling to me for sure as well. Love the use of semi-precious stones on them. Thanks for your elegant suggestions here!

    1. Wonderful. No regrets! It’s good to have things to share with the people we love.

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