EFT Tapping: A Vaccine Against Microaggressions

We may be occasional targets, but we don’t have to live our lives as victims. We need immunity from the ills of stress caused by behavior, environment and other people. While we can’t always control those things, we do have personal power to shape our destinies. Like what understanding a growth mindset can do negatively stereotyped people, tapping can transform one’s bearing in the world. It’s certainly not a cure for the –isms of this world, but it can help us fortify ourselves against the harsh realities of daily life. Oppression and microagressions are everywhere. We may not know how to name microaggressions when they happen, but we always know when we’ve been hit by these subtle bigotries: tiny insults, slights, small physical or psychological attacks that leave us asking ourselves, “What just happened?” The benefits of EFT Tapping if you are a person of color, or in any marginalized group, can be enormous.

Let’s first examine why microaggressions are so harmful. Unlike blatant acts of bigotry and oppression, microaggressions are often difficult to define, deflect and interrupt. They’re also are a big problem because of the way the cumulative effects of microaggressions manifest like PTSD after years of a person being subjected to them.  The Atlantic, in a recent article, confirms the impact of racism on people of color. It reports that “discrimination raises the risk of many emotional and physical problems. Discrimination has been shown to increase the risk of stress, depression, the common cold, hypertensioncardiovascular diseasebreast cancer, and mortality.” Not only do direct acts of discrimination cause these problems, but the article goes on to explain that even knowing that one might encounter racism can lead to a heightened stress response. Boy, do I know what that’s like firsthand, having experienced physical sickness at the approach of a designated encounter, such as work or a meeting with a person who regularly committed microaggressions against me. Many of the diseases associated with microaggressions are a direct result of chronic stress, which breaks down our bodies, system by system. Read the article for yourself:


Working in toxic environments, with racist people or even well-intentioned liberals who can’t seem to stop microaggressing against us, can really chip away at our well being. Therefore, it is EFT Tapping that can help us remember the fundamental message that needs to be programmed in us: one of total and complete self-love and self-acceptance. We need to be able to love ourselves in such a way that we are able to see and accept the love that is offered to us when it’s present, and to be able to seek out positive experiences and environments to offset the negative ones. Conversely, we can also see and accept when we are not getting what we need to thrive and be happy. Tapping can give us the courage to change our circumstances. Here are some of the affirmations I have used to help counteract the poisons of microaggressions and overt bigotry in my life:

  • I am a good person. Good things happen to and for me every day. I love myself fully and completely.
  • I am fully protected by light and love from any acts of microaggressions and oppression. I love myself fully and completely.
  • I am a gifted _____. My contributions are appreciated and acknowledged. I love myself fully and completely.

Obviously, these affirmations have no direct impact on the people who may be doing the harm. They merely strengthen the individual, helping us to see ourselves positively without internalizing the harmful messages being communicated to us.  This positive self-image creates a lasting energy.

The tapping can also be used to distress after an unhealthy encounter. It can help to return your heart rate to normal, providing clarity for reflection. I’ve often had to run to the bathroom at my previous job after meetings in which I was subjected to microaggressions and overt discrimination. I would tap myself into a calm and centered place, so I could return to the situation with dignity, and sometimes armed with the ability to interrupt and address the problem that same day without having to take the bad stuff home with me. There’s a great video on the Mercola website that teaches how to talk yourself down after a particularly egregious incident (Watch it here: http://eft.mercola.com/). This type of tapping works great if you’re thrown off balance and are feeling vulnerable; it’s essentially emergency triage. It is not the type of tapping that I’d recommend for daily practice. Unfortunately, some of us go to work places where we need to heal after every interaction. In that case, a new job, a new focus in your life might be necessary.

Preventative care can help get you through the battle grounds with minimum damage. The greatest danger from microaggressions is the cumulative effects of chronic stress, the stuff we don’t want to take home if we can help it. EFT Tapping can be a kind of vitamin against assaults, allowing us to deflect and fortify ourselves against routine attacks that would otherwise undermine our peace of mind. Tapping can help us be more resilient when confronting difficult situations, allowing us to bounce back to the clear and strong center of our identities. Knowing who you are can literally save your life.

EFT Tapping: Healing for Every Day People

Who hasn’t been stuck in a cycle of replaying a painful conversation? Haven’t we all had bad days that have zapped our energy? Unfortunately I’ve gotten stuck in cycles that have lasted for years and months. Thank goodness some of my issues have evolved and changed over the years. Thank God I don’t have those year-long self-destructive periods anymore, like the ones I had during my teenage years and through my twenties. Still, life is not without its challenges, and I want and need to grow—spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. I want to feel that I am evolving and becoming the woman I’m meant to be in this moment. That is why I’ve decided to make the topic of my first post about  EFT Tapping Technique. It’s relatively close to the start of 2013 calendar year, and a new Lunar year, the Year of the Snake, is just weeks in. Many of us feel the calling to take care of our precious selves. We are looking for answers, community, and healing, and we are finding it in each other.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping has been so transformative for me, that I had to share it in my very first post. I have been tapping for approximately four months now. It is my daily practice, and I have found that it has created a shift in my consciousness, balancing my emotions and moving me forward in a positive direction on all levels of my being. Tapping is not counter-indicative to Western or Eastern medicine, nor does it have any religious aspects that may prevent a person from have a sound relationship with God.

Succinctly, Tapping has four primary uses  for healing. Here is the heart of this practice:

  • removal of negative emotions
  • reduce or eliminate pain
  • implement positive goals
  • reduce food cravings

My favorite definition for what is happening during tapping is that tapping is a kind of psychological acupressure. You tap along certain points along your head, upper torso and hands. (This site has the best diagram of the points: http://www.theenergytherapycentre.co.uk/tapping-points.htm) The foundation of all the work, regardless to whether you tap to control cravings, heal or plan forward, is creating the condition of total self-love and self-acceptance. My chiropractor, who was the person who introduced me to tapping, explained that the root of all healing is love, and that it is that love that heals us. This made and makes sense to me. It is a message that is reiterated in most religions throughout the world. Love one another, we are told. But  how can we love each other if we don’t love ourselves? Speaking from past experience, it is nearly impossible to do and causes much pain.

In tapping, one taps the designated points on the body while repeating affirmations.

Positive affirmations can transform your physiological conditions. What you say has to feel good both inside you and on the way out. Affirmations are an art. Elevate your language and your goals by naming and claiming your highest ideal, really reach for the best possible outcome. Do not sell yourself short. Every affirmation should return to the principle of total self-love.

A good script is essential to staying focused and positive. Some people will approach tapping in a spontaneous way. Personally, I think that is not effective in controlling the desired outcome. On a bad day, one when you haven’t slept the night before or when you’ve had a disagreement with someone you care about, it may alter, even slightly, your word choice and have dire consequences for you. The script will be there to keep you on track and redirect your day and condition to the goals you’ve already identified.

Here are some samples of affirmations:

  • I am a good person; good things happen to and for me because I love myself fully and completely.
  • I eat only healthy foods and vegetables. I love myself fully and completely.
  • I forgive __ and myself for any pain we have caused each other. I love myself fully and completely.

The possibilities are limitless. That is why it’s so important to identify your priorities. They will change over time, and you will need to modify them as you accomplish goals and shifts begin to happen in your life.

I will be with you on the journey. Expect these future postings about tapping:

  • Can tapping heal physical ailments?
  • How can tapping help targets of microaggressions?