Bamboo Growth

I knew you.

The day you came into this Earth, I knew you.

Knew those blonde hairs and ever-changing eyes would light up my world,

change me forever.

3 years, I knew you.

Held, coddled, and played with you.

What a joy that was.

And even when I moved away,

shuffled my things from state to state.

My heart for you remained the same,

your love for me unchanged.

I watched you grow.

Beautiful, strong, and tall.

All from afar.

Til one day I saw you had shot up like bamboo, seemingly overnight.

I saw a young woman transformed,

standing gracefully before me.

You are a vision!

I taught you how to tie your shoe,

but didn’t get to watch you grow.

I knew no tales of lost teeth,

but thankfully made it back in time for the journey of puberty.

Beautiful blossoming woman, with legs like vines,

I see you.

And I am honored to call you “sister”.


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