Geometry of Rome, Florence, and Milan: An Artist’s Inquiry into Universal Building Blocks of Art and Architecture

By looking at a dome from above or below, we see its radial symmetry, but by imagining the cross section of the dome, we get the shape of an arch- which was even more common throughout architecture new and old, and a predecessor to the dome.

1973 Battle of Versailles

Supermodels in Black: The Women Who Rocked the Industry

Black international model of notoriety is New-Jersey born Helen Williams opened doors for models of color. Now, supermodel Naomi Campbell joins fashion insiders in an effort to publish VOGUE Africa.

Highlighted Authors from Fierce: Essay by and about Dauntless Women

Hundreds of years after Deborah Sampson, a gender-bending Revolutionary War soldier, trod the earth, Jessie Serfilippi traverses Sampson’s exact footsteps … More