Geometry of Rome, Florence, and Milan: An Artist’s Inquiry into Universal Building Blocks of Art and Architecture

By looking at a dome from above or below, we see its radial symmetry, but by imagining the cross section of the dome, we get the shape of an arch- which was even more common throughout architecture new and old, and a predecessor to the dome.

Attendees at Black Woodstock 1969

Black Woodstock! Remembering Harlem’s Forgotten Cultural Celebration

With the recent and traumatic excavation of the buried truth about cultural atrocity at Tulsa, Oklahoma in the rear-view mirror, … More

1973 Battle of Versailles

Supermodels in Black: The Women Who Rocked the Industry

Black international model of notoriety is New-Jersey born Helen Williams opened doors for models of color. Now, supermodel Naomi Campbell joins fashion insiders in an effort to publish VOGUE Africa.

Highlighted Authors from Fierce: Essay by and about Dauntless Women

Hundreds of years after Deborah Sampson, a gender-bending Revolutionary War soldier, trod the earth, Jessie Serfilippi traverses Sampson’s exact footsteps … More