Let’s Face It: Everything Is Political

Can we talk about politics on Karma Compass blog? I say, Heck, yeah! I know we have probably many difference in how we see the world, but hopefully we can agree on a few basic things. Everyone, no matter their gender, political leaning or socioeconomic class should be able to vote without encumbrances to the ballot. Can we agree on that?

Now, I have my own convictions. I know what I want, and know when I want it and I know why I want it. I’ve come to recognize this as an extraordinary gift. So many people don’t know what they want. They can never get it, they can never articulate  or visualize the thing they want. Not I. I pretty much move to my win, in almost any situation, as early as possible. The factors for consideration include:

  • Gratification: delayed and or immediate
  • Motivation: Personal, familial and or societal necessity
  • Agency: capacity, skills and ability
  • Values: meaning, impact and intent
  • Information: Do I have enough to make a good choice?

Taken together a priority will emerge. Some items on my list need not be employed. Others must constantly be assessed, like values in a professional setting.

Once you weigh out your options, perhaps making a list and contemplating important decisions, you choose. Once you identify and name your win, you can work to get it.

My biggest win these days, is getting a new president. I’m tired of his lies. I dislike his careless disregard for children and sexism. His anti-immigrant rhetoric fills me with rage, and his incompetent mishandling of the Coronavirus pandemic further solidifies his lack of humanity, compassion and generosity. That is why I want to have him replaced. But, it’s not enough to know what you don’t want, you have to name the thing you want.

I want to see Joe Biden and maybe someone like Michelle Obama or another whip-smart woman of color as vice president this year, as soon as possible. I want doctors and scientists to find a vaccine for Covid19, as well as the education of all children in the US, which requires a proper census. My dreams are political. I want to transform society.


Historical Repetitions: (Just Waiting to See What Will Be Considered Next) d

Charity begins at home. Sometimes Trump seems to be saying just that. Perhaps freedom from hunger is the freedom we all need. When our people are starving, roving the streets looking for shelter, chronically unemployed, then it is at last time for a movement. It’s what prompted the revolutions of the 19th century and it’s what drove the 1960s Civil Rights activism. We are no more impervious to ills of imposed poverty than to the desire to feed and shelter our families. The people have spoken, and beneath the rhetoric of hate, misogyny and bigotry, are the very real concerns of people who have witnessed a steady decline in resources, opportunities and wages, as well as the intangibles: loss of pride, purpose and dignity. Unlike the bulk of Trump’s electorate, I don’t draw the boundary along a color line. I see that in San Francisco, the disenfranchised, displaced and working poor are blacks, averaging salaries of $24,000 a year. These communities, long-time residents of this thriving metropolis, are in need of jobs, resources, supermarkets and hope. Maybe we will see change.

What’s Happening Here?


That said, this is not the time to go to sleep. We need to remain watchful, vigilant and engaged. Trump’s policies need to provide for all of us, not just White Americans, who are feeling the pain that historically, only Native Americans, African Americans and Latino Americans and countless other minority groups have experienced. It’s the same pain. The pain is momentarily evenly distributed among those of the working class and working poor: groups, which are increasingly indistinguishable from one another. Let us look upon the lessons of history and see that we are our brother’s keeper. We’re in it together. Four years, or less: Who knows? But if we get more jobs, better paying jobs, I’m okay with prosperity. img_1896

In the meantime, let’s practice agape, friends. I’m talking about love. Kindness is contagious.