A Newfound Farewell Ritual



Last year was hard on me. Karma was burning, consuming my flesh, both figuratively and literally. Lessons were compounded by emotional work, all of which had to get done. I experienced health problems, put on the weight that I had worked so hard to shed in the first half of the year. Stress seemed to be a constant companion. But this is not a post about pain. It’s about release.


Because of the difficulties I faced, I turned inward, reading, praying and listening for answers. Perchance I came across a suggestion in a book that said people should write all their disappointments down and release them in ritual form. That’s just what I did.


On my finest stationary stock, written with a very fancy pen and high-quality ink, I wrote out as many disappointments, betrayals, losses and failures that I could remember, after which I wrote a short paragraph asking for and granting forgiveness to all, named or unnamed. I sealed it in finery, befitting the occasion, and on New Year’s Day, I burned my “Good Riddance, 2014!” letter as I sat outside beneath the winter moon. Those ashes will forever be part of the soil in my garden.


And when I left the garden, I was definitely lighter.


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