The Healing Power of Dandelion

Image courtesy George Becker for Pexels

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Black women are more likely than other groups to experience fibroids and other reproductive issues, and some of the reasons why is because of the stress of racism, colorism, sexism, and other “isms” that color the unique experience of Black women. Many of the physical ailments that all people face often start in the mind, due to stress. This stress can be caused by negative factors, like figuring out how to pay rent after a layoff, or by what is called eustress, which is caused by positive events, like your wedding day.

Still, after you have decided the ways in which you are going to become more active in the political process so that your values are heard, you have gone to the therapist or found alternative therapies to process your traumas, and you have decided which things are worth fretting over and which things are not as worthy — you can rely on herbs to help you address the reproductive physical symptoms you may experience.

Exploring what’s in your backyard

Dandelion is often treated as a weed; it grows everywhere and it is a hardy plant. These features make dandelion affordable and easy to use at a moment’s notice. The leaves can be cleaned and included in your salad or cut up and sauteed with butter or some other oil with seasoning. Its roots can be boiled and made into a cleansing tea that helps support your liver. The flowers are aesthetically pleasing and also can be used for tea.

Despite it’s sharp, bitter taste, dandelion is quite healing. It supports better liver functioning, helps with bloating, and as a diuretic herb, it allows the body to release any extra water through the urine. Your body may produce less gas. After a few days of using dandelion, you may find that the quality of your skin may have also improved.

But what does this have to with fibroids, endometriosis, and other concerns? Reduced bloating and gas means less menstrual pain, and better liver functioning means that your hormones will be more likely to be in balance. Many of the reproductive conditions that women face today are caused by an imbalance of hormones. There may be too much estrogen or progesterone, depending on the ailment.

Experimenting with dandelion tea may be your first step in regaining control of your hormones. Good luck!



  1. Wonderful perspective. Thank you for this reminder. Fibroids can be a real challenge for women during pregnancy and menstrual cycles. Hopefully, this will help to give more options for regular self-care. Indigenous people around the world have relied on the earth to heal what comes our way. We have to find a balance to the internal and external conditions in our environment.

    1. Absolutely. I am not saying ditch your doctor, but with rising healthcare costs, we need to know all of our options.

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