Whiteness, Race, and Bodhisattva Vow: Feb. 7th

Live your practice wholeheartedly!

Event is Sunday February 7, 2021 10:00 am – 5:00 pm PST

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While this year of pandemic has been disruptive and challenging in many ways, it has also created an opening, a space for greater awareness and urgency around issues of racial harm.

As white people, especially those of us with class privilege, this can be both upsetting and overwhelming. Our compassionate nature registers the suffering, yet our confusion makes it difficult to know what to do.
In this workshop, we offer brief talks, group discussion, reflection and time for Q&A to explore these states of distress, and examine how to move from the overwhelm, confusion, guilt, uncertainty and isolation to the joyful practice of compassion, fueled by the energy of the Bodhisattva vow.

We hope you’ll join us and support the important work of East Bay Meditation Center though this benefit workshop!

This program is a benefit for the
East Bay Meditation Center in Oakland, CA.

In registering for this daylong workshop, we are inviting you to support the work of the East Bay Meditation Center (EBMC) in Oakland, CA.

Founded and led by a majority of POC teachers and practitioners, EBMC opened its doors in 2007 to provide a dharma refuge for people of color, members of the LGBTQI community, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented communities.

Through conscious cultivation of practices of Radical Inclusivity, Shared Leadership and Gift Economics, EBMC seeks to foster liberation, personal and interpersonal healing, social action, and inclusive community building. Through our writings and workshops such as this one for white people, we offer support to other dharma communities and practitioners who are seeking to more fully live their practice in the world.

Please give as generously as you can to support this important work.


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