Mama Gaia

Mama Gaia

Hold me close and wrap me in your arms

Your earth quaking, sky painting arms.

Quench my thirst with your waters, gently,

They run deep and I fear they’ll overtake me.

Mama Gaia!

Listen up and hear my voice

My pain ridden, forgiveness seeking voice

Be gentle in your rumblings as you emerge anew,

The people are shaken and the prepared are few.

Mama Gaia!!

I love you and I haven’t said it enough

I am still learning to love me and know that I am indeed enough

Shower us with your loving rain to wash away the pain,

We’re waking up now to properly begin again.



  1. Thank you for this. It’s important to recognize this living force: The Earth, Mama Gaia, is sacred. Thanking and honoring her can make our time here sacred.

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