Ode to the Pueo


Ancestor link to

where my soul-seed has been

Root dweller

Sky swooper

Day hunter

Field sweeper

With eyes like rays 

of the sun


 blooms of the Koa

With wings like whispers

Of mist

On the horizon




Ancestor link to

where my soul-seed going



  1. Congratulations, dear niece. You come by your talents through your DNA as well as your natural (God given) talents. I’m so proud of you.

    1. I appreciate that, Aunt Patti and feel blessed that you feel this reflects our family lineage as well. Keep coming back to enjoy all the content here- this site is brimming to overflowing with Talent!!

  2. Mmm…you have arrived. Thank you. This week, there’s talk of roots, lineage, ancestry and remembering. These are not accidents. I hear that these mysterious passages, known or unknown, named or unnamed, make us into who we are–like the DNA of the Maxwells or Pueo. Thank you.

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