Tenant at Will

Dead love.

A tattered string of broken promises

A scattered brain full of incomplete resolutions

You almost killed me.

You took my kindness for weakness

My lack of action as meekness

And abused me while you accused me,

Singing songs of abuse like the little boy cried “Wolf!”

…You lied.

My heart,

I handed to you in a picnic basket

Hopeful you’d have a heart to meld with mine

And maturity enough to see our relationship through every rough time, but you beat me

Beat the life out my chest when you hit me with fist

And word

And fist

And threat.

You killed my love.

Threatened my life force when you threatened to call the cops

Then called the cops based on a lie

But I loved you.

I loved you and you lied.

Locked me up cause you lied!!

My mind won’t settle on just one thought

It runs to and fro

And tit for tat I want you gone and don’t bring your ass back.

Give me freedom!

Give me liberty!

Or give me death…

My love died

after you burrowed into my mind

and evicted every bit of peace I had.

My heart has been timid ever since,

Wondering the next time I’ll be healed enough to accept another tenant.


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