We Must Have a Native American Contributing Writer (And an Intern)

The work we intend to do at Karma Compass cannot be done without a Native American Writer and a Native American Intern on our team.

We want to enrich our existing multicultural roster of Contributing Writers to include and amplify the voices of Native Americans. This is an opportunity to expand your reach as a writer, build your published portfolio and enlighten our members and subscribers about topics and experiences from your unique perspective. 

Image from Tristan Picotte’s The Apache Wars on Partnership With Native American. Stories and images like these demonstrate the value of including Native Americans in our work to transform society.

To Apply to this position, you must be a tribal member.

**Please let us know if regular access to technology is an issue for you.  We will work with you to receive your submissions via USPS if that is what is most accessible to you on a regular basis** 

This 20-panel banner exhibition focuses on the interactions between African American and Native American people, especially those of blended heritage. It also sheds light on the dynamics of race, community, culture, and creativity, and addresses the human desires of being and belonging. With compelling text and powerful graphics, IndiVisible includes accounts of cultural integration and diffusion as well as the struggle to define and preserve identity. Stories are set within the context of a larger society that, for centuries, has viewed people through the prism of race brought to the Western Hemisphere by European settlers. These are master jpegs. Source files are on file with photo archives. The subject of this photograph is the Foxx family: Anne Foxx, Monet Foxx, Aisha Foxx, Majai Foxx, and Maurice Foxx.

To Apply

Send 2-3 samples of the type of writing you would like to do for us, (a cover letter is optional), and your resume to Work@KarmaCompass.me. Use the subject heading “Native American Writer from [insert full name]” or “Native American Writer Intern from [insert full name].” Include a phone number and your time zone so that we can contact you. The application cycle for these positions is open until they are filled.

This is a part-time, remote position with potential for full-time, permanent employment and growth opportunities.

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