Beside the Waters 

foamy sea washing sandy beach in evening

She moved beside the waters.

Their bodies moving in unison and wholly taking up space

Her breaths, much like the lakes

are shallow

And her thoughts are like storms at sea;

unending chaos.

I wonder,

Does the ocean ever get depressed?

Swamped with the memories of slain bodies and countless atrocities?

I know she gets depressed.

Lonely, like a lone standing tree

that goes unheard and falls.

She gets frantic and deaf to reason

when things get overwhelming,

Much like the sea.

But thankfully, she has me.

Grounding her to the earth

like rods to lightning.

A constant reminder that she is safe and her roots can find good soil.


when it rains, the lake floods the land

and the Earth can seem engulfed by the chaos of it.

But water moves.

It dissipates over time and the trees take their water all the same.

She moved near a lake that caught the breeze,

It carried it to her like a gift.

Now she moves with ease.

persons feet on water
Photo by Mariana Montrazi on


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