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Your support here will be crucial in allowing us to continue the work we have begun. Our gratitude for your contribution would be deep and vast.  Each contributor of $50 or more will receive a gift of annual membership to our upcoming Karma Compass arts enrichment, monthly book clubs and/or classes! 

Karma Compass is an exploration of how we can stay well, heal one another and ourselves, and find repositories of strength and love one another. Our fiscal sponsorship was lost in February 2021, leaving us without access to non-profit funding avenues.  As devout believers in the power of the written word and the visual arts, we are choosing resilience and creativity over defeat and pivoting as we grow.

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Home-Buyer Warning: These Are the Top Mistakes New Homeowners Can Avoid!

In real estate, we think of first-time buyers as the most green among us. This includes me and any agent–we were all once new buyers. First timers are the people who totally don’t know what they don’t know! Don’t even think of remodeling until you’ve lived in your home for a spell–give it minimum six…

Oh, For the Love of Real Estate!

Real Estate development has slowed to pre-ordered demand owing to high interest rates in places like Santa Clarita Valley, CA where 40,000 new home are expected to be developed this decade.


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