Cranes in the Sky

building canes

How beautiful the view is from here.

You seem to obstruct the view of the sky from below,

but you add to the scenery from where I stand.

We are at eye level.

Does that make us equals,

or merely observers of the world below?

I’ve been losing my footing lately

hoping to catch a hold of something stable and safe if I fall.

My legs used to carry me across fields for miles; they did it gracefully

but now my knees buckle from the years.

Do you buckle, oh cranes,

or is your structure so sure and firmly rooted that you worry for nothing?

People tend to see an obstruction to their view of the sky.

They are too low in their thinking.

But all I can see from here is your strength;

the weight you carry:

top heavy

burden bearing

structure sound.

Your strength is beautiful.

How lovely the view is from here.

Skyline, train tracks, pedestrians, and cranes

all moving in perfect rhythm.


1 Comment

  1. “Burden bearing” and strength both speak to the moment. We must be strong even when we feel most frail. Thank you for this reminder of how we lean on things that don’t always seem real or possible.

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