Beekeeping: A Stonebridge Farm Photo Essay (Road Trip 2021)

Beekeeper John Martin of Stonebridge Farm
Farmer John Martin opens the hives to see how the bees are
Healthy bees buzz and mill about when the lid is opened
Worker bees prepare the queens’ cells


    1. How nice, Mary Elyn. In truth, I’m new to most things that nature has to offer, but I love the learning process. I see the bees struggle and when you see them thrive, it uplifts the heart. They’re doing great work at Stonebridge. I’ve featured their farm several times in recent years. Always a worthy encounter with nature.

  1. Bees are such an essential part of our ecology- this was a lovely feature! I felt like I was there!

    1. Oh, good! That’s the point of photo journalism. A close look at the world around us to inspire and share the wonders of our world.

    1. Cool! I’m glad you like it. It’s really John. He’s got that chill vibe, and he usually knows just when to invite me along–teehee: sometimes I don’t like farm hours, you know. I learned a lot, and biggest regret is that I didn’t make a short film because the lecture was amazing and helpful in understanding how to care for these sensitive creatures.

    1. That’s what makes you so real, John. I’m trying to get there, too. Taking better care of me, the kids, Hal–all a challenge. At least we care! Sending love for your 2/15.

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