Thanking Old Friends (And a Few New Ones, Too)

2020 was not an easy year on planet Earth, and yet there are people who have made it extra special. People who give and love freely, and make a kinder world possible. Even when we are separated by oceans, divided by continents and far from each other’s loving embrace, we still touch each other with our good deeds, kind words and unconditional positive regard. This is to say “Thank you!” to all the amazing people who have contributed to Karma Compass during 2020 and are helping us create a community of thriving artists.

Our gratitude goes out to these amazing human beings without whose contributions to Karma Compass we wouldn’t have made it to the present moment.

We love Sarai W for the way she wears her heart on her sleeves. We couldn’t do this work without her.

We remember every word Aria Zavocki wrote and miss her fierce gaze. Thank you for your gifts.

Youth Writer Colette J blesses us with her earnest accounting of adolescent’ triumphs and challenges. She is our future.

After his donation to Karma Compass, Creative Sponsor Peppo Valetto wrote, “It was the best present for my own birthday.”

Thank you, Poet in Residence Georgina Marie. You opened our hearts with the fires of your love and grief. We will always remember you.

Thanks to Sponsor Jonelle Tucker, who frequently comments on our posts. We feel her love and presence regularly.

Thank you, Taylor Duckett for your offerings on African Spirituality and healing. We miss you.

Sponsor and Guest Contributor Hal Huntsman is an ally and a worthy partner for our work as healers and hope dealers.

Resident Artist Kristine Moore brings sunshine and joy to our horizon each week. We are grateful.

Special thanks to Ashton Huntsman for his contributions to Karma Compass Films. Mad skills are necessary to move mountains.

Your donation, given from the heart is a powerful affirmation of our work. Thank you, Ilana Maxwell.

Thank you, Edissa Nicolás-Huntsman for holding a vision of inclusivity and love as the standard mode of operating.

Special gratitude for early Sponsor Robin Lovell for believing in us when few oth.

When Will Preston wrote about Early Childhood Development, we felt his conviction and understood the truth of what it takes to thrive. So grateful.

Special gratitude goes to Laura Joyce Davis of Shelter in Place Podcast for offering transcripts of her poignant storytelling for audience members of all abilities. We need allies like her to reach everyone.

When people show up year after year and give everything from time to money to encouragement, they must be recognized as a blessing. We’re so grateful for our Sponsoring Angel Adrienne Cacitti, miracle-working visionary.

Welcome back, dear friend and Earth Angel Dovanna Dean and Kim Mendoza. With your leadership, we will transform every open space into a source of food and spiritual nurturance.

We also want to thank all our subscribers, guests and Living Artist Project contributors who make our work possible in the here and now. We recognize that your readership and participation elevates our work to the realm of meaningful contribution, and you matter to us. As Karma Compass grows, we look forward to co-creating our virtual, visual and in-person connections through new positions and expanded offerings. Stay connected to the people who make your life better.

Donate to Karma Compass today. Your tax-deductible investment goes directly to content and program development.


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